The toilet was knocked loose from its seal by the cleaning machine.The plumbing repair bill was around $300.

I didn't mention this part to Karl, the company owner because three weeks had passed since he came to see what I was complaining about. The toilet seal had been replaced a couple of years ago and should have last another 12-15 years. It didn't start to leak through the basement ceiling until a day after the cleaning. So much for his money back guarantee.

All he said is call me if you see anymore dirt.I said that makes sense...

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SparKlean promised a totally clean floor.

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Sparklean charged $1.00 per sq.ft.

to clean and seal the grout on a porcelin floor. I paid around $200. and had to re-clean the floor twice to get off the excess film that was left by their method of cleaning. A foot high border was left along the wall surface of the rooms they cleaned.

Some of the film left on the floor had to be scraped off to get it re-moved.

The owner did return to view my complaints and spot cleaned a couple of spots.I had to clean up the rest of the mess.

Review about: Grout Cleaning.

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